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The Navy FFA offers financial membership to all PN and active Navy Reservist in the RAN. The annual cost of membership is $130 consisting of either a one-off annual fee or payment via a fortnightly $5 direct credit into the Navy FFA bank account. All personnel that participate in Navy FFA endorsed events or activities are encouraged to be financial members of Navy FFA. Although not compulsory, financial membership entails the member to the following benefits:

  1. A Navy FFA polo shirt (one ADIDAS polo per member per year),
  2. A Navy FFA training shirt (one ADIDAS training shirt per member per year),
  3. One pair of Navy FFA socks (one pair of socks per member per year),
  4. A Navy FFA key ring with an individual membership number and name recorded on the Navy FFA website,
  5. Entry into a quarterly membership draw for all financial members. The membership draw each quarter will be $200.00 with the winners details placed on the Navy FFA website,
  6. Entry into the quarterly photo competition whereby the photo judged best by the Committee is awarded a prize of $50.00,
  7. Complimentary food and drinks at Navy FFA events including social nights at the Nationals Training Camp and the annual Navy FFA presentation night,
  8. Payment of team entry fees for the various six and seven-a-side competitions that Navy FFA participates in including Forster-Tuncurry, South Coast Sevens and Johnny Warren Cup,
  9. Prize giving at the annual Trivia Night held during the Nationals Training Camp, and
  10. Preferential access to Navy FFA international tours, conducted on a opportunity basis once every two years.

Navy FFA personnel not availing themselves of financial membership will be required to make an individual contribution to those activities where membership fees have subsidised the costs of the event.


The Navy FFA offers Associate (non-financial) membership to all Navy FFA Life Members that are no longer permanent or active reservist members in the RAN.  Associate membership is also extended to ex-Navy FFA players also no longer a member of the RAN. The Navy FFA Patron is not required to pay membership fees on account of their support and affiliation to the Federation.


All Navy FFA members will be required to read and acknowledge the Navy FFA Code of Conduct when becoming a member.


Find the membership form at the link below

Membership Form

Quarterly Membership Draw Winners


Draw 4/2015 - Shannon Evans

Draw 1/2016 - Gavin feeley

Draw 2/2016 - Amanda Carney

Draw 3/2016 - Rob Mattey

Draw 4/2016 - Steven Linsket

Draw 1/2017 - Emily Smith


Photo of the Quarter Winners


Photo 4/2015 - Sezza Hickling

Photo 1/2016 - Kellie Brown

Photo 2/2016 - Tom Ciantar

Photo 3/2016 - Maddy Cater & Jess Muir

Photo 4/2016 - Bowen Weeks

Photo 1/2017 - Jim Ford